Fari Wopavelli (also referred to as Fari Fontaine) is a 22 year old MC born and raised on Chicago’s Southside. With inspirations ranging from the likes of aggressive lyricism Juelz Santana and 50 Cent to the contemporary melodies of Kanye West and Pharrell, he can paint a picture unlike most. His first recording session was Christmas of 2016. In an UBM True Star radio interview he stated, “ I wouldn’t say cocky, but I’m real confident I can hold my own with anybody”. That mentality has taken him from the Southside of Chicago all the way to NYC at the new RocNation School of Music under the likes of 9th Wonder and Young Guru. With the new moniker Pretty Boy, he is not afraid to touch Kanye or Griselda esque soul sample beats all the way to soul drill beats of the modern times. A name change serves as the beginning of a total rebrand to separate the grown man from the catalog he created as a high school kid finding himself both in the music and in life.